‘2670records’ is a record label based in Osaka, Japan. we started in 2010, as a project organizing live shows of various bands. The name of the record label ‘2670records’ derives from the fact that AD 2010 corresponds to ‘2670’ in Japanese Calendar.

After that, the activity as a record label started in 2013, and we are releasing outstandingly talented artists all over the world across a national border into Japanese music scene.

Our releases are available CD, digitally, LP, 7″, and cassette tape, and we are using a specialized distributing company for distributing our releases, every record shops in Japan from north to south, and online shops will be able to distribute our releases as well, and not only releasing, but also we promote artists and organize various live shows and tours for the artists of our label.

We keep creating the opportunity for music fans to encounter a fantastic music.
Also, we will work hard in order for the artists to be the artists.


Contact / Booking: 2670records[at]