Lazyeyes (レイジー・アイズ)

LazyeyesJason Abrishami(G&Vo), Jeremy Sampson(Dr), Paul Volpe(B)

Lazyeyesは2012年結成のNYブルックリンを拠点とする3ピースバンド。2013年と2015年にEPをセルフリリースし、NMEやStereogum、Brooklyn Veganなどのメディアや、BBC Radioをはじめとしたラジオ局でも曲がフューチャーされ、SXSW2015への出演のほか、既にSXSW2016への出演も決まるなど、現在進行形でさまざまな所から注目を集めているニューカマー!そのドリーミーでローファイなリバーブの効いたサウンドと、マイ・ブラディ・バレンタインやライドにも通じるシューゲイズのダイナミズム、さらに、ロマンティックなメロディーとキラめくようなサーフポップ感と言う、多くのインディファンに突き刺さる要素をふんだんに詰め込んだ上に、ニューウェーブ的なダンサブルな要素までも感じさせる、底知れないポテンシャルを持ったデビューアルバムで、世界に先駆け日本デビュー!

Lazyeyes is a three-piece garage / shoegaze / dreampop band from Brooklyn, NY that was formed in the summer of 2012. The band self-released their sophomore EP, New Year on January 6th, 2015, which was quickly picked up and reissued by Burger Records cassette imprint, Wiener Records.

Lazyeyes was a featured artist in the November 2014 issue of NME Magazine and, in December, Stereogum described their sound as “a muscular, riff-happy brand of guitar-based dream-pop,” going on to proclaim, “their songs burst with angular hooks and polished melodies.” Their single, “Adaptation” also received high praise from Interview Magazine, who wrote, “‘Adaptation’s’ fast-paced, garage-tinged guitar riff draws the listener in, propelling you through chorus and verse. It is both urgent and reassuringly familiar.”

The band released a self-titled EP in January 2013 and was immediately heralded by The Deli Magazine as “Best Psych / Shoegaze band in New York”. After a sold-out record release show at legendary Williamsburg venue Glasslands, the Lazyeyes EP garnered widespread acclaim from underground music bloggers. Best New Bands described the band’s single “Wait” as “an excellent example of the group’s ability to erupt at an expansive, pyrotechnic level all the while sharply delivering pop-laden hooks.” And the blog Purple Sneakers pronounced the EP as “a moody and anthemic record, equal parts shoegaze and dream pop.” Soon after, tracks from the EP were featured on BBC Radio, XM Radio & various other FM stations worldwide.



by Lazyeyes

  • Release Date: 2016.05.04
  • Formats: CD / TSSO-1012
  • Paper Sleeve(紙ジャケット仕様)

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NMEやStereogum、Brooklyn Veganなどのメディアや、BBC Radioをはじめとしたラジオ局でも曲がフューチャーされ、SXSW2015への出演のほか、既にSXSW2016への出演も決定!現在、さまざまな所から注目を集めるNYブルックリンのニューカマーが本国でのアルバムリリースに先駆けて、これまでのEPなどをコンパイルしたアルバムで日本デビュー!

1. Nostalgia
2. Forever
3. Wait
4. Daydream
5. Islip
6. New Year
7. Windowsill
8. Adaptation
9. Darling Dear
10. Mindseye
11. Fractals(US Version)
12. Fractals(Japanese Demo Version)