Babaganouj (バブガニューシュ)

(L to R) Charles(G&Vo), Harriette(B&Vo), Ruby(G&Vo), George(D)


これまで、配信でのリリースに加え、セルフリリースで2011年にCD、2014年に7インチをリリース。そして、今年2016年4月に4曲入りEP、「Pillar Of Light」をオンラインでリリースすると、そのキャッチーで親しみやすいメロディーと楽曲クオリティの高さで各所からの注目を集め、そして、2016年8月には「Pillar Of Light」にボーナストラックを加えたアルバムで待望の日本デビュー!その後10月の2nd EPを経て、2017年3月には新作3rd EPをリリース!10月には初来日となるジャパンツアーも成功させた、誰でもハッピーにさせてくれるような開放感あふれるキラキラした輝きと、みずみずしいフレッシュな楽曲は、一度聴いたら耳に残ること間違いなしの注目バンド!

Drenched in Brisbane pride, power pop-rock outfit Babaganouj have grown a legion of fans since their 2011 inception. While keeping with their distinctly Australian style, The Nouj’s sound is reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and Yuck, taking inspiration from Creation Records and Flying Nun classics.

In 2014, the band gained serious radio attention with their releases ‘Too Late For Love’ and ‘Bluff’. This success took them on a number of headlining tours, as well as each leg of the Blurst of Times festival tour. Along with frontman Charles Sale’s signature on-stage power lunges, the Triple J Unearthed favourites have supported the likes of The Preatures, Smudge, Veruca Salt, The Lemonheads, Northeast Party House and The Creases.

Continuing their powerhouse rise, 2015 saw Babaganouj play at the inaugural MATES festival in Sydney, Brisbane’s BIGSOUND conference, and come in as finalists for Qmusic’s Billy Thorpe scholarship. They also released their singles ‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Hit Song’ to a head-boppingly enthusiastic reception.

Looking forward, the trio of writers is set to record three EPs in 2016, showcasing each member’s vocal talents. As well as their own headline tours, they’ll continue to spread their sound through festivals and international supports throughout the east coast. In everything ‘Nouj produces are infectious lyrics, intense riffs and unreal magnetism.


Ruby Harriette

Babaganouj(バブガニューシュ) Babaganouj



Pillar of Light
by Babaganouj

  • Release Date: 2016.08.10
  • Formats: CD / TSSO-1016
  • Paper Sleeve(紙ジャケット仕様)

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  1. Do Rite With Me Tonite
  2. Awhile
  3. Would You Like Me?
  4. Dunno What To Say
  5. Can’t Stop
  6. Too Late For Love
  7. Bluff
  8. Love Loathe Love You
  9. 4U
  10. Hit Song

※M5~M10 ボーナストラック

Babaganouj - Hard to Be

Hard to Be
by Babaganouj

  • Release Date: 2016.10.19
  • Formats: CD / TSSO-1019
  • Paper Sleeve(紙ジャケット仕様)

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  1. Everything you touch you break
  2. Cemetery
  3. Sorry
  4. Interpol
  5. Going to Melbourne


Clarity Restored
by Babaganouj

  • Release Date: 2017.03.15
  • Formats: CD / TSSO-1022
  • Paper Sleeve(紙ジャケット仕様)

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  1. Star
  2. Brand New Bed
  3. Hoping That It’s You
  4. She’s So Lovely
  5. When You Tell Me A Story


Big In Japan
by Babaganouj

  • Release Date: 2017.09.20
  • Formats: CD / TSSO-1030
  • Paper Sleeve(紙ジャケット仕様)
  • with Lyric-Sheet(歌詞カード付属)

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  1. 4u (acoustic version)
  2. Star (acoustic version)
  3. Cool Drinkin’
  4. It’s Rainin’ It’s Summer